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Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekday Kickoff

Starting your workweek off with a post!

The Crovel:
I want.
"Tagged as “The Ultimate Survival Tool”, the Crovel has a shovel on one end, a crowbar on the other, and a whole myriad of tools in between to satisfy all of your shoveling, chopping, prying, hammering, bottle-opening, sawing, and zombie killing needs. As an additional bonus, the handle is wrapped in 15 feet of paracord in case you need to climb, rappel, or tie something up."
(via The High Definite)

LeBron mutters something...

But I guess, "ask a stupid question..."
(via deadspin)


The Geek Zodiak:
 I know at least one friend that's elated she's a wizard...
(via /Film)

Harry Potter vs. Voldemort... on Facebook:
(via 9gag)

ESPN SportsCenter: Jersey Devil
Really old, but I just saw it again today.

The subtlety is perfect!

Firefighter Set Blaze Intentionally To Be First On Scene
While it's potentially dangerous, I can't help but find this a little funny.

"A New Jersey volunteer firefighter was arrested and charged with arson after investigators say he set an abandoned home ablaze, alerted police then was the first one on the scene to fight it.

According to authorities, Brian Alvarez, 23, of Ramsey called 911 at around 4:38 a.m. Sunday to report a house fire on East Crescent Avenue. Alvarez told police he had been driving near the home when he noticed the flames. After getting off the phone, the volunteer firefighter responded to the scene to battle the blaze, officials said.

"Authorities say they are now investigating other fires Alvarez reported to officials in the past including a number of vehicle fires."
(wpix via Barstool)

More Facebook... More Osama
*shaking head...*

More facepalm:
Can you spot what's different?
"The Yiddish-language Ultra-Orthodox daily Der Tzitung apparently felt that their policy of keeping photos of women out of their publication (for fear of sexually exciting Hasidic men) took precedence over the presence of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the iconic SitRoom photo because they shopped her right out of her seat.

Rabbi Jason Miller @ Jewish Week points out that, in doing so, Der Tzitung may have violated the Jewish legal principle of g’neivat da’at (deceit), but, irrespective of which tenets of faith may or may not have been harmed, the revisionism certainly violates the retouching restriction on the White House Flickr page which stipulates that photographs “may not be manipulated in any way.”
(via The Daily What)


A Brazilian recreation of Obama's search for Osama:
I bet this is exactly how it went down.
(r7 via 9gag)

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