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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Videos

Newly released first-person video of the Japanese tsunami:

(via THD)

You look like a little black boy!
"It's not like you're really black".

Meh. The acting was sub-par.
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It's Che Guevara's birthday today.

Now you can make fun of all the hippies wearing Che shirts.

Industrial Shredder
I want one.

For all your tampon and feminine-pad shredding needs.
(via TDW)

Lebron makes a "New Decision"

Because stacking a team was still too hard.
(via Barstool)

And to ease you to bed tonight...
Samuel L. Jackson reads "Go the Fuck to Sleep" (NSFW- language, obviously)

I'll ber this is an instant classic with the kids.
(via THD)

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