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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Stuff

So I went to see the X-Men movie tonight.

Gotta say, I wasn't that impressed with the casting or wardrobe this time...
Just kidding, it was awesome.
P.S. Most awkward looking Nightcrawler ever.
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Hungover Rock Climber Shits His Pants
Exactly what it says.

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Yet another reason to wait for marriage:
I dunno... Adolf's looking pretty irresistible in that varsity jacket...
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Woman steals foul ball out of little girl's hands

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Baby Weave:
Apparently the flowered onesies weren't enough to indicate that it was a 'she'.
Also... "black" Tyra Banks??

Speaking of Facebook pictures...

Regarding the Tracy Morgan "homophobic tirade" incident:
Does anyone else really separate Tracy Morgan from 'Tracy Jordan'?
Just laugh it off and do like Alec Baldwin.
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