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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back To It

Lebron Dunking on a Camper:
We expect nothing less.

"Just Bron Bron being Bron Bron. Sure he disappeared in the NBA Finals, but he was all man in this game of knockout vs. 8 year olds. Because unlike vs. the Mavs this time when the chips were done he just drove to ball to the hoop and dunked all over this zit faced teenager. Kid had no answer for him. Couldn’t stop him when it mattered most. Just got posterized to all fuck. See this is why I’m talking about! Get him the ball Dwayne and get out of the way! Yup it appears the demise of Lebron James has been greatly overexagerrated. The King is alive and well and still proving he is the best closer alive. Get up kid! Your mom signed the permission slip!"
(via Barstool)

Best. Tuter. Ever.


How to Increase Your Likability:
(Guy Kawasaki)

Sounds fabulous!

Second thought about Google+...

(thanks to Adam)

Why was Jesus so popular with the disciples?

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