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Friday, July 8, 2011

Interesting Infographics

The Connected States of America

"A joint project by MIT’s SENSEable City Lab and the AT&T Research Lab visualizes social interaction between emerging communities based on anonymized mobile phone data.
Investigating the interaction network of people reveals interesting facets on how people utilize space. Cities attract their citizens from all walks of life, from nearby and from distant areas across the country. This constant flux of people commuting, migrating, and travelling across the country establishes connections which are dominated by large cities. The social connections woven across the United States can be used to define communities, where the glue that holds a community together is a stronger relationship with other members of the same community compared to members of other communities. Naturally, one can ask whether the communities defined purely by social interactions coincide with the administrative boundaries, for example state boundaries? Remarkably, this is not always the case!"
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Car Color Preferences
(And accompanying interesting Road & Track article).

Red is actually less popular than I thought.
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 Further break down:

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International Insults Made Easy
If my blog has taught you to be rude, and nothing else, I will be satisfied.

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Why is Health Care So Expensive?

"The good folks at MedicalBillingandCoding.org created an infographic laying out many of the exact reasons why costs are so insane in the American medical industry. But maybe the best part is the myths it helps dispel. For example, it's all too easy to blame costs on malpractice awards. And on old, fat people. And on smokers and alcoholics. But these are all false:"

"The true causes are a bit more subtle. It's here that the infographic breaks down a bit -- among the causes of blame, it cites doctors who make too much and an over-reliance on out-patient care:"

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The last Space Shuttle launch ever is scheduled for tomorrow!
(Click each picture, there's more to see and some are interactive!)

Daily News:

New York Times:

Merde D'artiste:

Wall Street Journal:
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