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Friday, July 1, 2011


Kid's Birthday Invitation:
My next party will have these.
(via 9gag)

Trailer Mashup: 'Friends With Benefits' & 'No Strings Attached'
Never since 'The Illusionist' and 'The Prestige' has one Hollywood studio tried to gank another's script.

So... Black Swan or White Swan?
(via THD)


Speaking of Justin Timberlake...
(We weren't really, but he was in the clip above)
I need more Sexyback.
(via TDW)

Walkman iPod:
Although it might attract hipsters...

So it's actually a pretty tough choice: mugging or hipsters?
(via 9gag)

Yay summer!

She ain't so special...

"“I was the third child,” says Kathy in Colorado, “so my mom didn’t have time to take nearly as many notes about my development as she did for my brother and sister.”

And speaking of developmental milestones…Kathy’s older sister was just 42 years old when she finally fessed up to adding this note of her own to one of the few non-blank pages of Kathy’s baby book.
(passive aggressive notes)

Awesome Cat Candle:

(Yanko Design)

Also creepy...
(via 9gag)

Penguins vs. Iceberg

(via TDW)

Ladybug in midflight:
This should totally win a NatGeo award.
(via 9gag)

Why do they always ask that?

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