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Monday, July 25, 2011

We Survived the Heat!

Apparently it was near boiling this past week:
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Another reason LEGOs are awesome: 
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Buzz Aldrin Punches Conspiracy Theorist

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Freddie Wong does 'Cowboys & Aliens' with Jon Farveau!

"Jon’s kid apparently LOVES our stuff – they’ve been watching our videos for months. Jon wanted to do something with us so he basically pulled a bunch of weight and told Universal to let us do ANYTHING.

That meant shooting on the Universal lot for free, props and wardrobe from the movie free for our use, equipment, etc. It was a dream come true.

So we came up with a ridiculous concept where it was basically cowboys versus the FreddieW channel, and sent it by him, and he was totally down.

It was an incredible experience!

And the 'behind the scenes':


Yelp now has over 20 Million Reviews 
(Business Insider)

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Cute Kids Arguing

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Gay Marriage in New York!
Empire State Building celebrated:

So did Niagara Falls:
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Best attempt to win back a girl:

How could she say 'no'??
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And a baby koala:
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