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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Go Engineering!


"Several years ago, Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty transmission business. We were getting ready to tape our first introduction video, as a warm up, the professional narrator began what has become a legend within the trucking industry. This man should have won an academy for his stellar performance. Now remember this is strictly off the cuff, nothing is written down, this became the biggest talk in the industry, vs our new product which we were introducing. I think you will enjoy this once in a lifetime performance from this gentleman."

In case it wasn't clear, the guy is just talking out of his ass.
He's a professional narrator, but true engineers are just as good at it.
(via Neatorama)

We just talk like that to hide the fact that we can't really do anything...
But at least we're more useful than physicists...

(But no more related to engineering)

Social Media Propaganda Posters:
Saw 'Captain America' this weekend and these remind me of the end credits, which I thought were awesome and really well done.
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Ugh. Insulting hipsters is so mainstream...

Definitely the Flux Capacitor

Cool Fluid Typeface:
(via inspire me now)

Cool 'Tree of Life' block print:

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X Games 17: Women's Moto X

Barstool: "This video may be a 10 on the unintentional comedy scale. Seriously I’ve watched it 5 times and laughed out loud everytime. Just a bunch of sluts crashing all over the place every two seconds. Like I knew it would be good when the race hadn’t even started yet and that chick has already driven directly into the barrier. And how about the slut who drove into the flower pot and then the announcers say she got the Bronze Medal? I guess that’s the 3rd best woman driver on the planet? A chick who can’t stay out of the shrubbery. Ha! Get back in the fucking kitchen!"

My commentary would not be that mean, but are these really the highlights from that event?
(via Barstool)


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