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Friday, September 9, 2011

Bentley Bus Fire

Apparently there was a fire on a Bentley shuttle bus recently.

The 'Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Student and Academic Services' then sent this email out:
Dear Students,

We had a fire on one of our Bentley Shuttles going to Harvard Square on Wednesday evening. I am so thankful no one was harmed and that everyone got off the bus quickly. We have never had an incident like this and I want to assure you it is safe to continue riding our shuttles to and from campus.

Although no one was physically hurt, I do know that this kind of experience can shake your mind for a period of time. If you need to talk with someone about this experience, please come and visit us in 295 LaCava.
Not to belittle what I'm sure was a somewhat tense situation, but I would hope a bus fire, in which no one was injured, wouldn't be enough to emotionally rattle a graduate student.

Coddle much?

Go Falcons!

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