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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 Videos

Just a quickie.

Harlem cops watch as man is repeatedly stabbed
Oh, and it was caught on camera.

"A man wielding a knife and wearing a bloody eye patch repeatedly stabbed a homeless man in the neck Monday on an East Harlem street as cops drew their guns and kids watched in horror.

The violent lunchtime knifing on Lexington Ave. and E. 103rd St. was captured on a witness' iPhone video camera and shows the incredible restraint cops took not blow the armed suspect away.

"He just literally pulls out a pocket knife and starts stabbing the man in the neck like a couple of times," said a 33-year-old East Harlem man who witness the bloody attack.

About a dozen cops from the nearby 23rd Precinct stationhouse rushed to the scene, drawing their weapons and order the suspect to drop his knife even as he continued to stab the victim.

I know cops always have to worry about being accused of excessive force... but this seems like the perfect situation to shoot someone in the face.
(NY Daily News via Barstool)

Kid reacts to seeing Angry Birds for the first time

"This kid’s first encounter with Angry Birds is exactly like your first encounter with Angry Birds, minus the inhibitions of a stodgy grown-up."
(via TDW)

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