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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Bunch of Stuff

Very cool.
(via inspire me now)

Crazy underwater "diver":

(via Barstool)


Drawings to Stuffed Animal!
I want to make one!

"While we patiently await the commercial availability of the device that turns drawings into toys, Child’s Own Studio has taken matters into its own hands — literally — designing stuffed animals from crudely-drawn illustrations sent in by children.

Cost depends on how labor-intensive the doll is, and is provided on a case by case basis. Each toy takes approximately 2-to-4 weeks to produce, but can be rushed if you absolutely must have it yesterday.
(via TDW)

"Grinding the Crack"
AKA flying through a canyon in a wingsuit.

(via Business Insider)

United Bases of America
I've always said it about our military: I'm glad they're on my side.
(National Post via chart porn)

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