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Sunday, December 4, 2011


I've been using Spotify on and off for a few months now (I got my invite from a real Swede!) and I can say that I am almost ready to drop iTunes and become a full convert.

The Good
The thing that has pushed me closer to making the switch is the addition of 'Spotify Apps'. (If you want to add Apps to your Spotify, you will need to download and install an extension found here).

There are only a few apps (see below), but I really like a few of the ones they have.

In particular:
Last.fm - I've been using Last.fm for many years now, and while it's not the most active community (I don't really even use it much), it's nice to have everything sync and check out your listening habits.

Soundrop - I haven't had the chance to use this yet, but it seems like a pretty awesome feature. Similar to YouTube viewing on Google+, you can remotely listen to the same songs with your friends.

TuneWiki - Might be my favorite app so far. Automatically get lyrics for all your songs! It also highlights and scrolls down the lyrics as the song plays. It's not perfect, but you can manually sync the timing and as more people do so, it will get more accurate.

The Bad
Spotify is getting close, but before I make the switch, a few things need to improve.

Smart Playlists - The ability to make playlists based on filters and automatically update would be a big plus.

Song Ratings - I know not many people use the 5-star ratings on iTunes, but I rate all my songs obsessively. On top of that, from these ratings I create smart playlists.

Personal Library Differentiation - Being able to tell which songs you own and and which are "borrowed" from the cloud would be nice, and leads me to my next point...

CD Burning - Another feature that is probably not used terribly often anymore, but one I always like to have. "Mix tapes" are a dying art (and worthy of a whole other post), but I still enjoy making playlists of limited length. Plus, what else are you supposed to give to your crushes? ("I'll make you a mixtape").

Until those things happen, I'll continue using a combination of iTunes, Spotify, and Google Music.
But if you use it let me know what your username is, and feel free to add me ("spotify:user:nwwong"). I don't have many shared playlists, but there are a few up there.

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