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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things... Lots of Things

Yes, terrible name for a post, but obviously I've ceased to care about post titles.
"Form follows function", right?

First World Tweets: Christmas Edition
(via TDW)

Curiosity Rover Lifts Off for Mars
I love spaceships...

Best thing about driving in the snow:
If only it was followed by a hyperspace jump to your destination... instead of spinning out into a ditch.
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American Pie cast: Then & Now
Ahh... Nostalgia.
(via TDW)

Obesity: Then & Now
Again: =(
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Makerbot Thing-O-Matic
I want one!
"Forget buying gifts this year — create your own with the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic($1,100). This automatic 3D printer can print full objects instead of pieces, and includes MakerBot StepStruder MK7 software to let you easily design your own creations. Just think of it as your own personal assembly plant, minus the questionable labor practices and potential regulatory hassles."
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Apparently some people are upset that these apartment buildings in South Korea resemble the Twin Towers after they were attacked:
Can't say they don't look like that...
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"Waiting" Fail:
(via lamebook)

(via lamebook)

'Wok on Fire' website:
Well, I checked and it works...
(link thanks to Myko)

Book Art:
Pardon the size, but you need to see these in detail:

Totally getting one for my personal library... once I get a personal library.
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And we'll round it out with a picture of Yo-Yo Ma lying on a bathroom floor with a wombat:
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