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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Visualizations and Infographics

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas weekends!
And for the lucky few that are still on winter break/shutdown... I hate you.

To make me feel even worse, here is graph on where the US ranks among other countries in terms of PTO/holidays:

Surprise! France isn't first!
(via Neatorama)

The 10 Worst (or Best) Cereals in in terms of Sugar Content:

The others I could do without, but I love my classic Cap'n Crunch.
(via TDW)


The Difference between Correlation and Causation:
Politicians (and everyone else), take note!
(via GraphJam and ChartPorn)

Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds on the Internet:

Imagine if we redirected some of this effort towards more useful activities...
(via Business Insider)

Masters of the Cutaway: Hans Jenssen
"One of my absolute favorite things in the world are cutaway drawings, also known as cross-sections. As a child, I would pore over the drawings trying to absorb as many of the details as possible. In fact, I still do that! Cutaways are a fantastic intersection of technical drawing, graphic design, transportation design and architecture. Over the course of this blog series, I'll be spotlighting some of the masters of the medium. First up is Hans Jenssen."
"The Danish artist currently resides in the UK where he has made a career illustrating the hidden workings of vehicles, both real and fictional. In the 1990's, DK released Look Inside Cross-Sections, a popular book series on various modes of transportation, including military planes, trains and cars. The books were illustrated by Jenssen and his artistic partner Richard Chasemore (whom I'll cover in another post)."
I love cutaways... The Way Things Work was a favorite of mine as a child. (Man... I'm a dork...)
(via core77)

And here is an awesome map comprised of a song titles:

I might have just bought it...

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