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Monday, January 9, 2012

I believe!

Hope you all watched the Steelers/Broncos game last night because Tebow did it again.

This time with an overtime, first play, 80-yard TD pass.


On top of that (I heard this on the radio but had to verify for myself) check this out:

Tebow threw for 316 yards.
With 10 completions, that's an average of 31.6 yards/completion. (NFL)
And the Nielsen rating during the end of that game was 31.6. (bizjournal)

Why the 316 hype?

John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Yea. Believe, bitches!

But there's a conflict of interests next week...

Jesus Leaves Broncos, Signs with Patriots

"Tired of living in quarterback Tim Tebow’s shadow, Jesus Christ left the Denver Broncos today and signed as a free agent with the New England Patriots, who will face Denver in an intriguing AFC playoff game on Saturday.

New England denied they signed Jesus specifically to counter Tebow, insisting their starting free safety, Patrick Chung, was inexplicably raptured late Sunday. Moments later, Christ appeared with His agent at the Patriots’ training facility and offered to fill the defensive role. Previously, Jesus had backed Tebow during the Broncos’ miraculous run to the playoffs, including an overtime victory Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Christ Himself said he enjoyed his time with Denver, but felt He needed to make a move.

“I’m getting on, and at this stage of my career I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start with a title contender,” said Jesus, who will wear the number 1 jersey. “I may be the King of Kings, but I need the ring of rings, baby. Jesus needs a Super Bowl ring.”

"If Jesus does get an interception, it sets up a theological conundrum for Tebow. Will the faithful quarterback be willing to make a tackle?

“I pray that never comes up,” said Tebow. “But if it did happen, I think Jesus would understand that I was put on this Earth to play football, and that would include me having to tackle Him.”

Jesus, however, has a more nuanced view of their relationship.

“I love Tim Tebow. I am his Lord and Savior and through me he will know love and peace everlasting,” He said. “But if that kid so much as lays a finger on me I will go all Herod’s Temple on him, you know what I’m sayin’?

“That’s gonna be a sweet, sweet ring,” he added. “People they’ll come to me and be like, ‘Jesus, can I enter Heaven? I’ve been good.’ And I’ll be like, ‘Maybe you been good, but you ain’t got one a these!’ Oh yeah. Some bling for da King.”

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