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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Post to Keep AMPS Happy

Official Trailer for the 84th Academy Awards:

Billy's back!
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Clever Ron Paul Campaign Ad:

"You may not know it by name, but even non-type-geeks know it when they see it: Gotham, the typeface designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, which the Obama campaign used to brand the president during his 2008 campaign. Now it's 2012 and we're gonna be seeing a lot more Gotham from the Obama camp. But not just them. Ron Paul's political action committee has dramatized an incendiary, Obama-criticizing speech that Paul gave using animated typography . . . and the whole thing is set in Gotham."

"The actual content of the video, as one would expect from a PAC trying to get a libertarian cartoon character elected leader of the free world, is basically nuts: an elaborate recasting of Obama's nation-building policy as a "what if it happened here?" Red Dawn-esque apocalyptic fantasy, with a psychotic voiceover performance to match. And the animated typography style is an unimaginative rip-off of Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" music video (which itself was a rather unimaginative rip-off of a 2007 typographic visualization of Samuel L. Jackson's Pulp Fiction speech). But setting the whole thing in Gotham? That's some branding jujitsu right there.

Nowhere in Ron Paul's speech does he say "the president" or "Obama," but as soon as this video begins, the visual association with Obama is subtly seeded in the viewer's mind. Not because most people have ever heard of Gotham or Hoefler & Frere-Jones, but because that typeface was so distinctive and so ubiquitous at a specific time and place in our political history. It's like a sense memory. And setting the vivid, horrifying imagery of an America occupied by foreign invaders in animated "Obama font" for three minutes recasts the typeface's associations from "HOPE" to something much more menacing. Man, we'd better vote that dude out of office pronto!
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Shit White Girls Say... to Black Girls

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29 Ways to Stay Creative

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