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Wednesday, January 11, 2012



The phrasing is perfect.
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Totally going to start doing this.
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"Last year, a three-foot long Gambian pouched rat was found in a housing project in Brooklyn. This week, a similarly gargantuan rat turned up in a Bronx Foot Locker store."
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Just kiddding. Hahaha.

This is all Lego.
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This looks like so much fun...

"Artist Yayoi Kusama made a whole bunch of dreams come true for kids in Australia by letting them run wild with stickers inside her “domestic installation” at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Last month, the museum’s youngest visitors were invited to give Kusama’s white space a colorful makeover, and they happily obliged.

The result — dubbed The Obliteration Room — is currently on display through March 12th as part of the artist’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition.
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The Creative Process:
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