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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Social Media

I just attended a social media speaker panel tonight.
Apparently you're supposed to create unique content and engage your viewers.

Too bad. You get this.

Dr. Seuss descriptively titled books:

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New 'Spiderman' movie trailer


Speaking of Spiderman...

"So my wife may soon be giving birth to venom.. any tips?"

Bro or Hipster?
Not really sure why I found this so funny the first time around... not so much this time.
I'll let you decide.

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I'm Rich B*tch: Why Congress is way richer than you
Or, Why Congress will never truly represent 'The People'.

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Banned Superbowl Commercial: Durex Condoms
I can't imagine why they wouldn't want to broadcast this to the extremely family-friendly/sensitive SB audience...
(Durex even removed it from their YouTube page).

Also, this is pretty awful. (Link- in case that YT vid is also taken down).
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Reality TV Venn Diagram
They forgot the giant circle that encompasses them all: "TERRIBLE".
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And some food for thought:

Although they did save more than one life...
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