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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Vids

(It's an alliteration if you're Dracula....)

Animated History of Aviation

(via Neatorama)

Muppets respond to FoxNews
If you recall, FoxNews accused the Muppets of being brainwashing liberals.

Attack liberals all you want, FoxNews, but we got a problem when you start going after the Muppets.
(via /Film)

Behind-The-Scenes: Your Bag's Journey On Delta
Though I'm sure this bag was handled a little differently from most other bags...

(via TDW)


Gronk mic'd up during the AFC Title Game
Just as awesome as you'd expect... maybe even better.

(via Barstool)

Rethinking the way we teach and learn
"Were you bored in school? Guess what, so was Einstein! Does that make you a genius, too? Not likely, but according to a new project called Born to Learn, it does suggest that our educational practices might need a rethink. The project’s main thrust is a series of short, simple animations aimed at raising awareness about how the minds of young humans are "born to learn"--but not necessarily "be taught." Here’s their intro:"

I've always felt that schools tend to stifle creativity and individualism... I'm glad more are starting to agree.
(via Fast Co)

Backward Pronunciation
Useless and dumb, yet impressive and oddly amusing.

(via TDW)

Newt 2012 Ad attacking Mitt Romney
... and French speakers?

"In his latest attack ad, Newt Gingrich goes after Mitt Romney, among other things, for speaking French.

Of course, Gingrich completely ignores the fact that Romney became fluent in French while spending time in France as a Mormon missionary. And that Gingrich himself has a “working knowledge of French.”
(via TDW)

5-year-old analyzes logos:

I particularly like the additional commentary and random facts.
"Baby toys, those look like baby toys".
(via Brand New)

And tributes(?) to two of my favorite 80s movies:

Honda CRV does 'Ferris Bueller'

Apparently this was a hotly anticipated Superbowl ad...
(via /Film)

'When Harry Met Sally' diner-scene mashup

(via THD)

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