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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book List

I'm a pretty big bookworm and have a very large stack of books that I'm planning to read.
Despite the fact that the stack seems to grow exponentially faster than I'm reading through them, I'm always looking for more book suggestions.

Not my "to read" list, but it's about that tall.

I've been following Fred Wilson's blog and finally decided to check out his firm, Union Square Ventures
While flipping through his team's individual pages, I came across Christina Cacioppo's blog and, subsequently, her booklist.

In addition to being able to browse it for more addition to my own, it gave me the inspiration to start cataloging my own books.

Long story short (too late! - unrelated clip because I couldn't find a clip of that quote from the movie), be on the lookout for my forthcoming booklist*!

*My spellcheck** keeps telling me "booklist" is not a word. Too bad, I'm using it.
**Ironically, it also says "spellcheck" isn't a word either.

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