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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Penguins

Apparently the world's obsession to penguins is catching up to my own.
All I can do is share the love/posts.

First up...

Thank you, SeaWorld San Diego and Discovery Channel.

I decided that I'm going to get an extra monitor and dedicate it to a fullscreen of penguincam. It'll be like a personal window to the penguins. Or like having pet penguins, only I don't have to ever feed them.
(link thanks to Gee)

Tokyo search for young penguin escapee
He totally wanted to join the SeaWorld penguins on tv.

"An aquarium in Tokyo is trying to locate an escaped penguin seen heading for Tokyo Bay.

The escapee, a one-year-old Humboldt penguin, was spotted swimming in a river mouth in the Japanese capital.

An official from the harbour-front aquarium said the bird appeared to have scaled a wall in its bid for freedom.

The Humboldt penguin hatched last January and lives with 134 penguins in an enclosure at Tokyo Sea Life Park.

"We first noticed the penguin might have fled when the director of a neighbouring zoo e-mailed us Sunday with a photo," park official Takashi Sugino told AFP news agency.

He said officials were struggling to recapture it because it swam "at a tremendous speed".

The 60-centimetre long penguin was snapped bathing in the mouth of the Kyu-Edo river, which runs into Tokyo Bay.

A park official told the BBC that great efforts were being made to find it - and that exactly how the penguin got out remained unclear.

Penguin Pictures
"Photographer David C. Shultz attracted the attention of the Emperor penguins he was shooting in Antarctica. The curious birds had to check out the equipment, which led to some funny photo opportunities!"

More at Buzzfeed!
(via Neatorama)

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