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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

San Francisco Trip

My recent trip to San Francisco, condensed to a single post.

Dog in the back seat:
Name: TBD

House of Air: Trampolining
So much fun, so tiring.


Drunken Cop Car Bohemian Rhapsody: Now with background music!
It was impressive before, but it's a wonder that he was so accurate.
(Original in case you hadn't seen in)

(via THD)

George Takei's Facebook:
(via George Takei's Facebook)

Whitney Houston is AMAZING

90s Music > 80s Music

Apparently there are wild parakeets in the middle of the city
(Ferry Park near the Embarcadero, if you were interested).

The Hunger Games
(But unfortunately, the camera panning is dizzying to some).

And this is the reason I go to the west coast so often:

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