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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So I went to see MIB3 over the weekend.

Quick thoughts:
1. I thoroughly enjoyed it for some good mindless fun
2. It was infinitely better than MIB2
3. Seriously, why didn't Will Smith do the theme song??
4. I hate R&B/rap songs that reference oldies (i.e. Pitbull's MIB theme). Rather, I hate it because the uneducated masses don't realize the basis of the song is another person's work and give all the credit to these so-called "artists".

And because I'm an music elitist and I feel the need to educate the musically deficient:

MIB3 Theme:

Side note: This was the best comment:

Mickey & Sylvia (released over 55 years ago):

Now you know.

P.S. Go see MIB3.

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