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Monday, July 9, 2012

New Game: Cargo Bridge

Just discovered a new game on Google Chrome (though I'm sure you can play it on other browsers).

Cargo Bridge is another bridge building game, but it is rare that I can utilize my engineering training in games, so I almost have to play them when I can.

It's very similar to other bridge building games, but there's a nice UI switch when you're in bridge-building mode vs. simulation mode.

Obviously blueprints are for design work:

And Marioland look-a-like is for simulation running:

You can see there's a budget (upper right-hand corner) and in later levels you have the option of using wooden or steel linkages.

Again, here's the link: http://webstore.limexgames.net/cargo_bridge/index.html
You can also find it in the Chrome web store. (I've also noticed there are no ads when you play via Chrome app).

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