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Monday, November 19, 2012

Launching a Product

I've been a Mechanical Engineer for over five years now, with my primary focus being the development of products.

Despite this, I have never actually been a part of the launch of a new products. I've been in a startup environment whose product did not make it to market, a defense contractor where I worked on products either 40 years old or 10+ years away from deployment, a shoe company with dedicated marketing and sales departments, and currently at another startup company with a product still in development.

This all changed when I became involved with a new company, IceColdNow (website hasn't launched yet), which is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign and a new product, the Coldwave.
(Follow the company on Twitter and "like" it on Facebook!)

The Coldwave is a revolutionary product that can chill any drink ice-cold in about a minute.
It can even chill steaming-hot coffee directly from a single-serve brewer (ex. Keurig)!

That's it between some of the beverages it can chill!

But back to my original point about product launches.

I joined IceColdNow after the majority of development had been completed, so my engineering and design skills were not required. I've always been interested in the marketing side of things, but have had little experience in it. Fortunately, I was able to get my foot in the door and utilize my familiarity with social media to join the team.

This will be an interesting ride, but I'm up for the task and hope to chronicle it on this blog as it progresses.

For those more experienced in the fields of social media and marketing, any and all comments and suggestions are more than welcome.
For those not experienced, here. Oh, and your comments and observations are more than welcome as well.

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