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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seth Godin's TEDTalk on Education

Fred Wilson, of Union Square Ventures, recently posted this TEDTalk by Seth Godin.

He doesn't really present any new ideas but, as all good speakers do, he presents it in a highly convincing manner that I believe may sway more people.
Watch it as soon as you have 15 minutes. It's well worth it.

I've long thought that the current educational system is an absolute mess and utterly beats out any creativity in children.
It needs a massive overhaul and simply getting people to believe that fact will be a big step forward.

As I explore more and more ideas on the fringes of the majority, I am increasingly encouraged by what I find. I am not alone in thinking that many of the current systems are broken and there are people out there with ideas to fix them.
There are people out there like Seth Godin, Clayton Christensen, and even Mark Cuban challenging the status quo.

However, much of society (especially those in power) is embedded in its ways and is intent on keeping things the way they are.
We must do everything we can to spread the "radical" ideas and change the minds of the masses in order to change/fix things.

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