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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Dead Nexus 7

Recently, my Nexus 7 died on me.

I was an early adopter, ordering it the week it came out, so I wasn't too surprised it was a little glitchy. However, about two weeks ago, it stopped turning on.
I tried doing soft restarts to no avail. It would pretend to startup, then the screen would just fill with 'static' (it's not really static since there's no incoming signal to scramble).
I was able to get to occasionally to the hard restart menu, but when I tried to wipe it, I'd get this sad looking image:
A dead Android robot, with a little caution-triangle heart!

Obviously, I tried searching online for any available solution, but turns out I had a hardware failure.
Since I bought the device on the Google Play store, I had to go through Google's own customer service.
I dreaded calling Customer Service because I had heard horror stories about how difficult Google customer service was.

I finally took the jump and I was pleasantly surprised.
Not only did the service reps speak perfect English (with a little Southern twang?), they were extremely friendly and helpful.
After describing my situation, the rep transferred me over to their RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) department to order a replacement.
Thinking this would be were the holdup would be, I again braced myself for a battle. And once again I was surprised.
The RMA rep on the other end was just as friendly as the first. She agreed that I needed a new device (Google doesn't send refurbished devices as replacements) and walked me through the process or getting a new one.

My new Nexus 7 is now on order and should be here in a week or so.

Note: If you want more information on the return/replacement process, follow the jump.

More information on Google's Return/Replacement process:

While still on the phone with the RMA rep, she informed me that I would soon be receiving an email with additional instructions.

In the email was a URL to order a new Nexus 7. Clicked the link, checked a box, and ordered my new device.
They put a hold on your credit card for the value of the device (in this case, $199) and release the hold after you have sent back the original, damaged one.

Processing of my order will take a day or two, but my device should ship shortly thereafter.
I'll post again when I get my device and send back my old one (with a pre-paid shipping label).


Jez Carter said...

Nice, the stories I see via twitter are generally negative but perhaps they have got their act together!

Anonymous said...

Mine died - only had it two months. Stopped taking a charge with my Nexus charger and then any charger. It's now completely dead, and I have an RMA# to send it back - BUT I want to wipe it before doing so, but apparently I'm S.O.L.

NW said...

That's too bad.
I doubt they'll try to retrieve any information off the dead Nexus (aside from while it died), but Google has all your information already, so I generally trust them (out of necessity) with my Nexus info.