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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drew Carey & Penn Jillette

Found out about Penn Jillette's webcase from Reason.com.

This episode was pretty amusing (only I've listened to so far).

They talk about a whole bunch of things, including Libertarianism, but here are a couple particularly funny parts to note:

"If you're a libertarian, every election you're sad. Every election, if you're a libertarian, you're going to feel like you were playing Monopoly and you got up to go to the bathroom for five minutes. And when you came back, everybody made a trade and fucked you out of the game."

After that they launch into a deep discussion into Monopoly. As a big Monopoly/board game fan, I thought this was awesome.

Drew Carey starts talking about "The Price is Right".
One of the funniest parts is when he explains that he sometimes tries to help contestants out by hinting at the order they should attack a game, then they just do the exact opposite.

Each episode is pretty long (about 1.5hrs each), which may keep me from listening to more, but they all sound interesting.

Here's the episode I've referenced, below:

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