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Friday, February 26, 2016

'Cloudland' Wall Art by Sand Breton

Getting married in the fall and in the process of getting some registries put together.

I'm not a big fan of Antropologie (I don't like the style and think it's full of over-priced, often poorly-made stuff), but it was one of the recommended stores for registries and thought I'd take a look.

Naturally, I went to a category and sorted by the most expensive items.

This gem was so good, I had to share:

Note: Yes, it is $4,000.

Close up:
I get what the artist is going for here and it's an interesting commentary on the U.S., but $4,400 for white paint on canvas??

And the piece isn't even the best part... That honor goes to this serious(?) review:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of art (that's what makes art great), but I think it's comments like this that turn people away.


Unknown said...

I'am Sand Breton , the artist and it is a long process
, difficult to see my work on picture , www.dansleciel.com may be you can really understand something and after make your observations, and yes this is my price, and for art it is not so expensive....

sand breton said...

I'am agree with you about the comments about my work.... Minimalism not Nihilism.... certainly someone who doesn't know how explain art....